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Which Flowers Should You Send Someone In The Hospital?

16 November 2016
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Flowers are a traditional 'get well soon' gift, and many people who need to stay in the hospital for a time find that some of their darkest days can be a little brightened by gestures that remind them they are cared about and thought of. Bringing nature into a cold, clinical setting can brighten the place up a bit, too, and making a place feel a little more like it's your own is a great way to boost morale.
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3 Bouquet Fillers That Can Be Used to Treat Headaches

18 October 2016
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Get-well flowers can do more than just lift the receiver's mood. Some flowers are more than just a pretty face, as they have medicinal properties in them that can be used to treat a variety of ailments, particularly headaches. When sending a bouquet of flowers, include the following three types of flowers as fillers for treating those pesky headaches that never seem to go away. Feverfew The feverfew is actually a really beautiful flower.
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