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Wedding Flower Symbolism - What Do Your Wedding Blooms Signify?

30 September 2014
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Flowers are an integral part of every wedding. Whether traditional or whimsical, flowers don't only provide colour and decoration, they convey meaning and have deep significance. Here are the meanings of some common wedding flower varieties to help you choose the perfect flower for your special day. Rose Meaning: Love Colour: Various The famous flower of love and romance, deep red roses are the most common variety used in weddings, symbolizing deep, unbridled passion.
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The Lost Language Of Love: Which Flowers To Give Your Special Someone On Your Annivesary

24 September 2014
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Flowers speak the lost language of love, especially on your anniversary. By purchasing flowers that are symbolic of your relationship, you will show your loved one that you put careful consideration into putting together the best bouquet. Below is a list of the best flowers to give on your special day and the secret signals that you will be sending to the one you appreciate the most. Roses Roses are the most traditional flower to give a loved one on an important anniversary.
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Flowers are one way that I can say I love you. I can't always spend as much time as I'd like with my family but being able to send flowers to my mother, sisters and my wife is a way I can let them know that I am thinking of them. I choose different floral arrangements to suit them when I have enough time, but to be quite honest sometimes I let the florist choose as well! This blog is all about how to choose impressive floral arrangements for your friends and family, to let them know I love them.