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4 things to think about when choosing a flower crown

21 January 2019
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A flower crown is a natural headpiece that is an increasingly popular bridal accessory. However, as with all aspects of the big day, care should be taken when choosing the crown. Here are some things to take into consideration.  1. Size "One size fits all" does not apply to flower crowns. Your florist should measure the dimensions of your head and ensure that the crown is made to fit. You will need to decide in advance how you want to wear the crown - whether you want it above your forehead or placed further back (either position can look stylish and attractive).
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Which Flowers Should You Send Someone In The Hospital?

16 November 2016
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Flowers are a traditional 'get well soon' gift, and many people who need to stay in the hospital for a time find that some of their darkest days can be a little brightened by gestures that remind them they are cared about and thought of. Bringing nature into a cold, clinical setting can brighten the place up a bit, too, and making a place feel a little more like it's your own is a great way to boost morale.
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3 Bouquet Fillers That Can Be Used to Treat Headaches

18 October 2016
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Get-well flowers can do more than just lift the receiver's mood. Some flowers are more than just a pretty face, as they have medicinal properties in them that can be used to treat a variety of ailments, particularly headaches. When sending a bouquet of flowers, include the following three types of flowers as fillers for treating those pesky headaches that never seem to go away. Feverfew The feverfew is actually a really beautiful flower.
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Floral Beauty | 3 Ideas To Craft an Unforgettable Wedding Bouquet

27 August 2015
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The wedding bouquet is the quintessential element that ties the bride's whole wedding ensemble together. Whether she walks down the aisle or tosses it to the single ladies, some wedding traditions can't do without the wedding bouquet. Before going bouquet mad, get a solid idea of the style and bloom you want when you visit your florist. Whether you decide to pick up the flowers or opt for flower delivery, use the smart ideas to craft an unforgettable wedding bouquet.
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Wedding Flower Symbolism - What Do Your Wedding Blooms Signify?

30 September 2014
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Flowers are an integral part of every wedding. Whether traditional or whimsical, flowers don't only provide colour and decoration, they convey meaning and have deep significance. Here are the meanings of some common wedding flower varieties to help you choose the perfect flower for your special day. Rose Meaning: Love Colour: Various The famous flower of love and romance, deep red roses are the most common variety used in weddings, symbolizing deep, unbridled passion.
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