4 things to think about when choosing a flower crown

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4 things to think about when choosing a flower crown

4 things to think about when choosing a flower crown

21 January 2019
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A flower crown is a natural headpiece that is an increasingly popular bridal accessory. However, as with all aspects of the big day, care should be taken when choosing the crown. Here are some things to take into consideration. 

1. Size

"One size fits all" does not apply to flower crowns. Your florist should measure the dimensions of your head and ensure that the crown is made to fit. You will need to decide in advance how you want to wear the crown - whether you want it above your forehead or placed further back (either position can look stylish and attractive). Provided it feels comfortable to wear, the crown should fit snugly and stay in place for the whole of the day - and if you are worried, a few hair pins can help.

2. Season

It is worth considering what time of year your event will be taking place, and choosing a flower crown to suit it. You can take your inspiration from seasonal bouquets - a winter flower crown would look good with red berries and frosted to give a snow-covered look, while a summer crown could include roses and green leaves.

3. Style

Although you may have seen your favourite celebrity wearing a crown and want the same one, it is worth considering what would suit you personally. Think of what else you will be wearing on the day, the theme of the wedding, and also think about how the crown will fit in the hairstyle you will be wearing. The crown will be an expression of your own personal style, so think about your own preferences and the impression you want to put over.

4. Strength

You will be better off with hardy flowers that will not wilt during the day, particularly if you are having a summer wedding and may be in the sun for long periods of time. You should talk to your florist to find the kinds of flowers that are most likely to last the full day (and don't be afraid to buy two crowns if you are worried that the first one will start to wilt before you have finished with it!)

Choosing the right crown can be an enjoyable part of planning for your big day. Just make sure you discuss your needs with your florist, and the result should be a crown that makes a stunning addition to your bridal outfit.

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