Floral Beauty | 3 Ideas To Craft an Unforgettable Wedding Bouquet

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Floral Beauty | 3 Ideas To Craft an Unforgettable Wedding Bouquet

Floral Beauty | 3 Ideas To Craft an Unforgettable Wedding Bouquet

27 August 2015
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The wedding bouquet is the quintessential element that ties the bride's whole wedding ensemble together. Whether she walks down the aisle or tosses it to the single ladies, some wedding traditions can't do without the wedding bouquet. Before going bouquet mad, get a solid idea of the style and bloom you want when you visit your florist. Whether you decide to pick up the flowers or opt for flower delivery, use the smart ideas to craft an unforgettable wedding bouquet.

Use Untraditional Flowers and Foliage

Everybody expects roses and peonies for wedding bouquets, but you can shake things up with totally unexpected flowers, foliage and cute paper creature embellishments. For example, you could consider dahlias embedded in some decorated kale leaves or berry sprigs with strings of butterflies and bird embellishments hanging down your bouquet. This unique twist is sure to add something special to your wedding bouquet. The idea is to walk away from traditional ideas by planning a completely untraditional wedding bouquet that is sure to look striking.

Customise your Stem Wrapping

Even if you decide that a more traditional flower arrangement is up your alley, you can still infuse some unique flavour into your wedding bouquet through its stem wrapping. Consider adding family heirlooms to give personal meaning to your wedding bouquet. For example, your grandmother's old broach, charm bracelets, small souvenirs from special occasions or even pictures of your long lost loved ones can be attached to ribbons and trimmings and tied to the base to add a sentimental touch. 

Create Bouquet Shapes

Use an assortment of colourful flowers, gems, ornaments and a lot of ingenuity to create a bouquet with specific shapes. When held at an angle in front of guests or for the camera, the shape will be easily visible in photographs for a beautifully shaped bouquet memory. You can create absolutely anything you want –– from hearts, to your wedding date or even to your initials. The idea is to insert a shape to give your wedding bouquet a symbolic meaning. This is a different idea, but can look very elegant and classy on your hand. And the unique shape of your bouquet will be talked about for a long time to come.

Check that your florist offers flower delivery in advance, because you certainly can't be rushing off to pick your wedding bouquet on your wedding day. It's always best to ask your florist, like those from Flowers Of Paradise, to undertake the flower delivery, since he/she should know best how to safely transport your bouquet to your home or wedding venue. And use these ideas to fashion a truly unforgettable wedding bouquet. 

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