Wedding Flower Symbolism - What Do Your Wedding Blooms Signify?

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Wedding Flower Symbolism - What Do Your Wedding Blooms Signify?

Wedding Flower Symbolism - What Do Your Wedding Blooms Signify?

30 September 2014
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Flowers are an integral part of every wedding. Whether traditional or whimsical, flowers don't only provide colour and decoration, they convey meaning and have deep significance. Here are the meanings of some common wedding flower varieties to help you choose the perfect flower for your special day.


Meaning: Love

Colour: Various

The famous flower of love and romance, deep red roses are the most common variety used in weddings, symbolizing deep, unbridled passion. This long-beloved flower was once considered sacred to the goddesses of love, giving rise to a variety of meanings. Red roses were sacred to Aphrodite, while deep pink were the flowers of Venus. Yellow roses were associated with the love goddess Oshun. While red, pink and yellow roses symbolize love, other meanings are associated to other rose varieties. White or lavender roses honour one's elders, and are traditionally given to grandmothers. Meanwhile, pale orange or light pink roses are commonly given on Mother's Day.


Meaning: Expectation

Colour: Pink or white

These pretty, simple flowers come in both single and double bloom varieties. The pale pink or white blooms blend well in traditional style bouquets. Single bloom varieties are less fussy, and can be used in wildflower bouquets for non-traditional or outdoor weddings.

Baby's Breath

Meaning: Innocence

Colour: White

No wedding bouquet is complete without a fresh puff of pretty white baby's breath. Bunches of this airy, simple flower symbolize innocence, everlasting love and fidelity, and it has long been a wedding standard. Baby's breath creates a lovely sense of balance when combined in a bouquet with larger, more dominant flowers.

Calla Lily

Meaning: Beauty

Colour: White

This strikingly architectural white lily is a compliment to any bride. With its soft, creamy petals and long yellow stigma, this white bloom pairs beautifully with baby's breath.


Meaning: Love and romance

Colour: Various. Common varieties are pink, purple, orange, yellow or white

Azalea is a vibrant flower that adds a punch of colour in less traditional bouquets. The brightly coloured blooms symbolize love and romance, perfect for a wedding or anniversary.

Purple Lilac

Meaning: First love

Colour: Purple or lavender

Lilac is another non-traditional flower that pairs well with the vibrant colour of azaleas. With its large size and distinctive shape, it holds its own against other bold flowers, while also mixing beautifully with more traditional white flowers.


Meaning: Fidelity, constancy

Colour: Purple

These whimsical wildflowers are perfect for a simple bouquet. Symbolizing constancy, these purple blooms reflect the institution and vows of marriage.

With these tips, you will be able to work with your florist, such as Valley Fresh Flowers, to create the perfect wedding bouquet.

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