The Lost Language Of Love: Which Flowers To Give Your Special Someone On Your Annivesary

Do you have a hard time expressing your love verbally? Learn more about buying the right floral arrangement to express your love.

The Lost Language Of Love: Which Flowers To Give Your Special Someone On Your Annivesary

The Lost Language Of Love: Which Flowers To Give Your Special Someone On Your Annivesary

24 September 2014
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Flowers speak the lost language of love, especially on your anniversary. By purchasing flowers that are symbolic of your relationship, you will show your loved one that you put careful consideration into putting together the best bouquet. Below is a list of the best flowers to give on your special day and the secret signals that you will be sending to the one you appreciate the most.


Roses are the most traditional flower to give a loved one on an important anniversary. Red roses especially symbolise passion and a love that will last forever. If you want to make a powerful love statement, you can purchase a rose for every year you have been together. However, if you are looking for a more subtle romantic gesture, include pink roses. Pink roses symbolise a deep appreciation and adoration for your loved one.

To avoid sending the wrong message, stay away from yellow roses. Yellow flowers, no matter what kind of flower, symbolise distrust and jealousy.


You can never go wrong with surprising your loved one with a bouquet of various lilies. Lilies are very elegant and leave a long lasting aroma. Lilies, especially calla lilies, show magnificence and a deep devotion to your relationship.

If you want to add to the romance of your anniversary bouquet, add an assortment of roses. Roses will accent the lilies very well and will exhibit a satisfaction and joyfulness with your union.


If you are looking for a unique approach to anniversary flowers, give your loved one a bouquet of orchids. Orchids last a long time and will symbolise that you want your relationship to be long lasting as well. Red orchids will add spice to your special occasion because they symbolise seduction and sensuality, while pink orchids symbolise innocent beauty and delicateness. If you are looking for the most fragrant orchid, opt for white orchids. White orchids are the most fragrant at night  and will help set the mood for a romantic night.


Another less traditional approach to symbolise your love is to purchase a bouquet of tulips. Tulips will show that you were thinking outside of the box while keeping your love in mind. Tulips symbolise the perfect love while showing your partner that you are comfortable and secure in your relationship.

To make this bouquet really stand out, you can add a handful of daisies. Daisies represent cheerfulness and light heartedness. It will show your spouse that you enjoy being in your relationship and that you value the happiness the two of your share together.

Show your spouse how unique and special your relationship is on your anniversary by incorporating the flowers listed above. By doing this, you will show your loved one that they will be appreciated and adored for many years to come.

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